I’m not a regular churchgoer—what can I expect?
Whether you’ve never been to church or it’s been a while or you’re used to one specific kind, it’s natural to be anxious, or worried that you won’t know what to do, how to act, or what to say. The first thing to know about RMPC is that you don’t have to be any different in the church than you are at work, on the street or at home. You will receive a Bulletin on your way in on Sunday morning, which includes all the news, announcements and ways of getting connected to the church. We regularly get first-timers at RMPC, and we love it! We’re committed to helping you not feel like an outsider and welcoming anyone who walks through our doors. As you might expect, there will be some music, prayer, readings, and teaching from the Bible. Feel free to actively participate or just sit back, listen and observe.

What is your worship service like?
Being in an area with so many transplants from across the country, our church and worship very much reflect that diversity. Our music is mostly a modern arrangement of historical hymns, focusing on depth of content with fresh and familiar style. Whether you love those old-school nostalgic tunes or have a more contemporary bent, we have a deep appreciation for both tradition and creativity. While we have a liturgical structure (which is to say that we follow a particular order rather than free-form), you’ll find that it is far from stuffy or cold.

What am I expected or supposed or allowed to do during communion?
Communion is served on the first and third Sundays every month. The congregation files down the center aisle to receive the bread and wine (or grape juice, if you prefer), and return to their seats where we then eat and drink together once everyone has had a chance to go through the line. We give clear instructions, and you can always watch those around if you’re not sure what to do. Christians from any denomination (or none at all) are invited to participate in communion—it’s the Lord’s Table, not ours. If you know that you belong to Jesus, trust him, surrender to him, and are willing to love and forgive other Christians who have hurt you, then you should participate fully. If you are unsure about any of that or not quite ready yet, then you can remain seated or come forward without taking the bread and the wine. We don’t want you to do anything that’s not true to where you are spiritually, or ask you to compromise your convictions or beliefs.

How should I dress?
Some like to dress it up a little bit, but most come in “Colorado casual” (which is very broadly interpreted).

I know I don’t have to give money, but will I feel pressured to give?
Absolutely not! If you’re coming for the first time (or first several times), please assume that any public request for giving is not directed at you! We’re honored to have you as our guest and expect nothing in return. Jesus did not come to manipulate giving, but to free it. Giving is only for those who call RMPC their “home” or friends who want to financially support the church’s ministry. If you are in either of those categories, you can give during the service or online here.

How do I connect to the life and community of RMPC?
The primary means we have of “doing life together” is in Community Groups. Click here for more information or email admin@rmpca.org if you have any questions or want help connecting!

How do you become a member of RMPC?
Our next Membership Class will take place during Discipleship classes on Sundays October 1, 8 and 15 from 11-11:45am in the balcony room. Two elders will be leading the class to discuss our mission, vision and values as a church. To RSVP please email: admin@rmpca.org.