Community Groups

Churches do one of two things: They either practice systematic care and encouragement of the congregation, or systematic neglect of the congregation.  Our network of Community Groups is the means through which we seek to practice the former as both the primary place for pastoral care and the front lines of ministry at Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Church. Our network of community groups is the “nervous system” of our church, through which we “LIVE in Gospel Community.”

In them, the Gospel inspires people towards a deeper relationship with God.  In them, the Gospel is used a balm to apply to the wounds we incur in this broken world.  In them, the Gospel inspires and calls people into the service of God’s kingdom. In response to God’s grace, people are urged to develop lives of moral beauty, integrity and selflessness, as well as to discover and use their gifts to carry out ministry both within the congregation and to the world.

To find out more or explore a specific Community Group, you can find a list here (CCB login required). If you haven’t signed up for Church Community Builder yet, just click here to submit your information and someone will contact you soon!

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