From Labor Day through Memorial Day, we worship together every Sunday at 8:30am and 11am.

Discipleship Classes are held at 10:00am.

During the summer, we have one service at 10am and no discipleship class.


You can also live-stream at 10am (summer).



Our church is located at 4097 Main St, Westminster, 80031.


Whether you’ve never been to church or it’s been a while or you’re used to one specific kind, it’s natural to be anxious, or worried that you won’t know what to do, how to act, or what to say. The first thing to know about RMPC is that you don’t have to be any different in the church than you are at work, on the street or at home. We’re committed to helping you not feel like an outsider and welcoming anyone who walks through our doors. Some like to dress it up a little bit, but most come in “Colorado casual." Come just as you are! As you might expect, there will be some music, prayer, readings, and teaching from the Bible. Feel free to actively participate or just sit back, listen and observe.


Being in an area with so many transplants from across the country, the music at RMPC very much reflects that diversity. Our music is a blend of contemporary songs and historic hymns, focusing on depth of content with a fresh and familiar style. Whether you love the timeless classics or have a more contemporary bent, we have a deep appreciation for both tradition and creativity. Check out some examples our worship below!


We enjoy vibrant and heartfelt worship that speaks to our contemporary culture, while incorporating the best of the Church’s rich history. Our worship is biblically-based, meaning the elements of worship prescribed in the Bible are arranged in an order that reflects the gospel. The result is a worship service that is Christ-centered, gospel-shaped, and filled with joy.

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For more of our worship services, check out our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Enjoy a taste of our music style!