... in Gospel Community. We are a worshiping community called together by Jesus Christ and defined by our relationship with God as His broken-but-beloved children. By His grace, we are freed to love with greater selflessness, strengthening and deepening our relationships with each other. This "Gospel Community" (the Church) is the means by which God loves and relates to His children.


... in our Worship for God. We respond to the "good news" of the Gospel by gathering as a church family to hear God’s word, respond in worship through song and be shaped by the breadth and depth of His love through Scripture. But "growing in our worship for God" also extends beyond Sunday morning as we spend time in prayer, reading the Bible and joyfully re-ordering our lives around Him.


... the World. The Bible tells the grand story of God rescuing the very people who have rejected Him. As we begin to experience God's radical and revolutionary love, we will also want others to experience it. We are called to proclaim the Gospel in word and deed as we love our neighbor, serve the needy, bring healing to the broken and love the unlovable – because that is what He has done for us!