The RMPC Youth Ministry exists to

"glorify God by assisting parents and the Church

in making disciples who are growing in Christ,

serving the Church, and sharing the gospel."

The RMPC Youth Group gets together every week to enjoy a time of food and fellowship, and then a time of studying God's Word, applying it to our lives, asking honest questions, and praying with and for one another. Any 6th-12th grade student who's interested in experiencing the love of Christ, learning more about who He is and what it means to follow Him is welcome to join us!

Join Us!

Mondays from 6:00-8:00pm

Rocky Mountain Presbyterian Church

4097 Main St, Westminster CO


More than anything, the RMPC Youth Ministry seeks to help students grow in Christ. We do this by studying the Bible every week, asking questions, and applying it to our lives. We also do this by intentionally going through life together so that we can encourage one another, pray for one another, and model to each other what it looks like to faithfully follow Christ. We pray that students would grow in Christ as they experience the love of Christ through this group.


The Christian life is not a solitary one; we've been saved into a family and community, which we are called to live in and serve. We want to help our youth identify their God-given gifts and use them to serve and build up the Church. Our prayer is that God will instill these students with a love for His Church, so that when they go off to college, and then for the rest of their adult lives, they are committed to becoming serving members in a local church.


The middle and high school years are such a unique stage of life for so many reasons. Among them is that this is a uniquely opportune time for students to share the gospel with their friends and peers. It is one of the central goals of the RMPC Youth Ministry to equip students with the skills, wisdom, and confidence to do this, and to cultivate in them a desire to share the gospel and make disciples, as Jesus calls us to do in the Great Commission.